MS SQL Field Box is a small tool which allows you to view MS SQL Server database structure and paste table or field names in your favorite editor using mouse or keyboard hotkeys. It is another way of using "IntelliSense" technology :)

You can create SQL statements faster using MS SQL Field Box with old Query Analyzer or even in new MS SQL Server Management Studio Express. MS SQL Field Box is a good compliment to "IntelliSense" technology. You can be more productive using "Field Box" and "IntelliSense" together.



You can view:

Table fields
Table constraints
Table indexes
Relations between tables
Views and their fields
Stored procedures and their definitons

You can paste in your editor:

Table name
Table field name
View name
View field name
Relations between tables
Views and their fields
Ctrl+MouseLeft2 or Ctrl+Enter + "," at end of a pasted name

Quick start

1. Run a MS SQL Field Box
2. Run a Query Analyzer (or any editor)
3. Double click on a table or field name in the MS SQL Field Box window
4. And... selected table or field will be pasted into Query Analyzer


"I wanted to take a moment to share how happy I was to come upon your program. It really has become a handy timesaver for me, based on the way I work, mostly with mssql 2005. I am happy to pay for it.
I read an article last year where some microsoft rep said that they had collectively made the decision to remove the ability to drop and drag fields when using Visual Studio. As you probably know, if you try to drag a data field into the work area they give you a gridview instead of the field. This was a very typical microsoft "we know better than you" act. Your program is just what I am looking for. "

Rick Dieffenbach, Allure Creative, Inc.

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